DAF CF Electric

Extended e-range

Fully electric driving with a range of 200 kilometres

For higher volumes and weights

The DAF CF is renowned as an all-round vehicle, and the CF Electric is every bit as versatile. It’s available as a two-axle tractor unit and as a three-axle rigid truck. Do you need to supply round-the-clock deliveries to city supermarkets? Provide refuse collection in a residential area? Or offer a regular shuttle service between two production facilities? The CF Electric is the ideal solution.

At the heart of the vehicle is a 210 kW (240 kW peak power) electric motor that draws electrical power from a 350 kWh (315 kWh effective) battery pack. The high torque available from standstill is impressive and creates a unique driving experience.

Range of up to 250 kilometers

As a transport operator, the maximum range of your truck is vital. With the CF Electric, it’s an impressive 250 kilometres (depending on the application, driving circumstances and load). With smart journey planning and interim battery charging during loading and unloading, you can easily have your CF Electric in operation 24/7. Many other transport operators have already purchased a CF Electric and are easily clocking up 500 kilometres or more per day. And if you want to run the batteries down completely, you can bring them back up to full charge in just 75 minutes with a quick charger (250 kW/400 A).


Energy regeneration

When braking, the electric motor works as a generator producing energy for storage in the batteries whilst slowing the vehicle. The CF Electric has three levels of regenerative braking controlled by a steering column stalk, similar to an intarder on a diesel truck. This contributes to a higher vehicle range and reduces brake wear.

Smart e-PTO

DAF can supply the CF Electric with an e-PTO to power auxiliary equipment and bodywork as required. This eliminates the need for a separate power source and allows you to use electrically powered refrigeration and waste collection equipment – making your truck completely CO2 emission-free from front to back.