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DAF expand their Euro 6 model range


A tailor-made solution for every need

Following the start of production of the first CF and XF Euro 6 tractor units (4×2 and 6×2 with steering pusher axle) in 2013, DAF have further expanded their range with a complete range of three-axle chassis with tag axle, steering pusher axle or tandem. The redesigned air suspension offers considerable advantages over loose goods systems.

The production of Euro 6 XF and CF 4×2 tractor units commenced in April last year, followed by 6×2 tractor units with steered pusher axle (FTG) and 4×2 chassis. Production of the 6×2 chassis has now begun with single or dual mounted tag axles (FAR and FAS), steering tag axle (FAN) and steered pusher axle (FAG), followed by a complete range of tandem trucks.

6×2 chassis with tag axle

The Euro 6 CF and XF 6×2 chassis equipped with a tag axle ensure a high load capacity. On the FAR model with a single mounted tag axle, a 7.5-tonne tag axle has been fitted to provide a maximum load capacity of 13 tonnes. Consequently, this suits CF and XF models perfectly for refrigerated and frozen transport and high-volume transport.

FAS models are equipped with a dual mounted 10-tonne tag axle which ensures a high degree of stability for transporting loads with a relatively high centre of gravity, such as containers or livestock transport. The CF and XF 6×2 FAR and FAS are available with wheelbases of 4.20 to 5.90 metres.

The Euro 6 CF and XF programme also features new versions with a steering tag axle (FAN) for increased manoeuvrability. The new Euro 6 CF FAN is ideal for use in urban areas, such as for waste collection or beverage transport.

Loose goods systems

In addition to DAF’s ECAS air suspension on the rear axle, the front axle can now be fitted with air suspension with additional lift height. The 6×2 chassis is ideal for loose goods systems. Thanks to the new air suspension, the height adjustment is at least 280 millimetres at the front of the chassis and up to 285 millimetres at the rear. Because of the increased air capacity, it is much quicker to raise and lower the chassis. All these improvements result in greater versatility, increased efficiency and greater ease of use.

DAF also offer complete loose goods systems from the factory, which include the frame, container locks and the complete electrical system. Customers can choose from a swap-body version with a length of up to 7.45 metres (parking height 1.32 metres) and a container version with a length of up to 7.82 metres (parking height from 1.12 to 1.32 metres).

6×2 chassis with steering pusher axle

In addition to a range of versions with a tag axle, the CF chassis is now available with a steering pusher axle (FAG). These are specially designed for applications that require both high capacity and ease of use, such as for waste collection vehicles with a rear loader or for milk collection vehicles. A pusher axle with a maximum technical load capacity of 7.5 tonnes is mounted in front of a 13-tonne drive axle.

Tandem for heavy-duty transport

With the DAF Euro 6 CF and XF 8×4 models (FAD), DAF are focusing on companies whose vehicles are subject to demanding operating conditions, particularly in the construction industry and special transport sector. DAF’s 8×4 chassis with hub reduction for vehicles that regularly venture off road is used as standard, with single reduction for limited off-road use.

Euro 6 CF is also available as a 6×4 chassis (FAT), which is perfect for transporting sand and earth, waste containers, agricultural products and cement and tipper containers. It is available with a maximum axle load of nine tonnes on the front axle and a 26-tonne load on the tandem, and gross weights of up to 50 tonnes.

Electrical systems and easy assembly while under construction

The entire electrical system has been redesigned to offer excellent protection and maximum reliability. Furthermore, the electrical and electronic systems required for the body are neatly grouped and separated from the vehicle functions, which simplifies the work of bodybuilders.

With the introduction of a wide range of Euro 6 chassis, DAF have further expanded their already varied range of models and further consolidated their leading position by developing a tailor-made truck for all possible construction projects.

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