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For heavy-duty and special transport applications: DAF launch Euro 6 CF and XF four-axle trucks


DAF have expanded their new Euro 6 series with a complete range of four-axle CF and XF chassis and tractor units for special and heavy-duty applications. With their expanded range of models, DAF have further consolidated their leading position by developing a tailor-made truck for all possible construction projects.

Last year DAF started producing two- and three-axle tractor units and trucks with tag axle, steering pusher axle or tandem on their new Euro 6 CF and XF models. The new four-axle vehicles have a wide range of configurations so that vehicle specifications can always be customised. In addition to versions with two front and two rear axles, configurations are available with a single front and three rear axles (Tridem).

8×2 chassis with dual steering pusher axles

The CF model now comes with a four-axle chassis with two steered front axles (eight or nine tonnes) and a double mounted tag axle (FAC) or a steered tag axle (FAX).

The configuration with a 10-tonne tag axle provides a total weight of up to 37 tonnes, useful for transporting heavy industrial machinery, freight and waste containers as well as for bulk and tanker transport.

The four-axle Euro 6 CF with steered tag axle (7.5 tonnes) guarantees total weights of up to 37 tonnes. The extra manoeuvrability makes it ideal for the distribution of building materials and allows for a heavy-duty loading crane to be mounted behind the cab.

8×2 chassis with Tridem

There is now a four-axle Euro 6 chassis with Tridem for special applications requiring an extra high load capacity.

New within the Euro 6 CF series is a configuration (FAQ) where the tridem consists of a steered pusher axle (8 tonnes), a powered rear axle (13 tonnes) and a steered tag axle (7.5 tonnes) for a maximum total weight of 36 tonnes and excellent manoeuvrability.

A four-axle chassis with tridem consisting of a 7.5-tonne steering pusher axle, a 13-tonne powered rear axle and a 10-tonne tag axle with double wheels (FAK) is available for both the CF and XF. This allows for a total weight of 35.5 tonnes.

8×4 tractor unit for heavy-duty and special transport applications

Another new product within the Euro 6 XF series is an 8×4 tractor unit where the tridem consists of a double-drive tandem and a steering pusher axle (FTM). FTM combines serious traction with a high load capacity and so is well suited to applications in the special transport sector, where combined weights of up to 120 tonnes are not uncommon.

FTM is available in several versions. Equipped with an eight- or nine-tonne front axle and an eight-tonne leading axle and tandem with single or hub reduction (leaf or air suspension), the impressive XF tractor unit offers a theoretical capacity of 21 or 26 tonnes at a total weight of up to 41 tonnes.

With the introduction of a series of four-axle chassis and tractor units, DAF have expanded their already wide range of CF and XF vehicles in order to offer trucks suited to all transport needs.

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