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For high payloads and maximum manoeuvrability – the new DAF CF and XF tractor units with steered tag axle


DAF have launched CF and XF tractor units with a steered tag axle. The models have been developed for applications with high payloads requiring maximum flexibility.

The three-axle CF and XF tractor units have a steered tag axle (7.5 tonnes) which is mounted behind the driving axle (13 tonnes) according to a simple design. The model is ideal for driving where there is relatively little room for manoeuvre, as well as for high payloads, such as a loading crane behind the cab. This makes CF and XF tractor units with a steered tag axle perfect for transporting construction materials and machinery.

The new tractor units are available as CF and XF variants with a choice of a PACCAR MX-11 10.8-litre engine or a PACCAR MX-13 12.9-litre engine, with power outputs ranging from 291 kW/396 hp to 375 kW/510 hp. Within the context of the DAF Transport Efficiency Program, key improvements have been made on these engines, and in combination with innovative technologies such as Predictive Cruise Control, Predictive Shifting and Eco Mode, fuel savings of at least 5% can be achieved.

The CF tractor unit with steered tag axle is available with a Day Cab, Sleeper Cab and Space Cab, while the XF is available with a Space Cab and Super Space Cab.

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