Johan Gunnarsson

Partner, Nybro Transport AB

– We got our first DAFs in the autumn and they’ve been fantastic. Our drivers are very pleased with the trucks and their comfort.

– For me, as an owner, I’m also pleased with the bigger picture in terms of price – purchase, servicing and fuel consumption. In this regard the trucks are very competitive. The conditions required for new business are in place.

About Nybro Transport AB

The company’s founder, Mats Gunnarsson, is still at the helm. Jessica Gunnarsson is responsible for finance and administration. Johan Gunnarsson is responsible for vehicles and personnel.

Nybro Transport provides long-distance and distribution services primarily on behalf of Schenker. The company’s subsidiary Nya Elwoods Åkeri operates independent long-distance services between Malmö and Helsingborg.

Today Nybro Transport owns 65 vehicle and has around 100 employees and sales of approximately SEK 90 million. The company’s vehicles cover approximately 5,000,000 kilometres a year in Småland, Skåne and Västergötland.

Nybro Transport is a flexible company that is easy to work with. It works closely with its customers to offer rapid decisions and lead times.

It has a transparent business environment and works continuously to help its employees, its technical equipment and the organisation as a whole to evolve. The company is easy to get in touch with and over the years has become renowned for its ability to step up to challenges and solve problems. Customers get to speak with the right person, right away.