Owe Lannebjer

CEO, Olab AB

– We’re part of the Clean Truck project where the goal is to drive as environmentally friendly as possible. Since it has been said that fossil fuels will be gone by 2030, you’ve got to be ahead of the game even now, says Owe.

How do the hybrids work?

– Overall they work well in urban settings between closely spaced traffic lights. Then the trucks use only electric power. DAF generally have good fuel economy and the cleanest engines in the industry.

A while ago he also bought a DAF CF75, a bogie truck where the last axle is steerable. The truck is used to transport concrete.

– DAF also get good feedback from the drivers, Owe says.

One of them is Mats Lundvall.

– Compared with the brand I drove before, DAF have much better seats. I have a much more ergonomic position in this truck. It is otherwise well equipped and has everything I need.
Although I’d perhaps prefer a slightly harder suspension when carrying heavy goods, he says.

About Olab AB

At OLAB we are proud of our history. It forms the basis for our values ​​and our current and future success.

As the sole driver of the company’s only truck – a 1979 Scania – CEO Owe Lannebjer started the company in 1982 transporting goods for Ahlsell. Having already made his name at Ahlsell as an electrician, Owe became deputy warehouse manager of a new central warehouse for electrical products. When Ahlsell decided to outsource its transport operations, they made an offer to Owe, who took it up. Since then OLAB has developed both by itself and in line with Ahlsell’s expansion. In 1997 – 15 years after the company was founded – OLAB had 25 employees and 20 vehicles. In order to maintain a high level of quality and good control in the business, OLAB more or less unofficially started planning its journeys in advance. In 1999 this led to the company taking over the transport planning and logistics of returns and factory orders from Ahlsell.

In 2008 OLAB moved to larger premises in Eriksberg, where Owe Lannebjer used his warehouse management experience to further develop OLAB’s cargo and oversized goods warehouses.

The number of employees increased to around 80 employees by 2009 and the company now co-operates with several hired-in transporters.