Same robust and elegant look like XF and LF.

Elegant yet strong

The impressive grille and beautiful chrome panel with its DAF logo are real eye-catchers. There is plenty of room above for your company name. The attractive front design continues in the mudguards, cabin-mounted deflectors and fenders, for optimal aerodynamics and maximum fuel efficiency.

Well thought out

The CF is available in three cabin types: a practical Day Cab, a roomy Sleeper Cab and an extra spacious Space Cab. An attractive exterior, and a comfortable interior. Design and functionality go hand in hand. Take the aerodynamic corner spoilers, for example. These give an additional distinctive touch whilst directing airflow so that the door handles remain clean.




The CF can handle plenty of knocks. It has a sturdy bumper made from galvanised steel, which protrudes slightly forward to protect the headlights. The headlight covers are made from unbreakable Lexan. The CF is specially designed for applications requiring regular off-road driving. The special bumper is mounted high to create a wide 25° approach angle. Combined with a ground clearance of 40 cm – partly on account of using ‘straight’ front axles – this provides excellent driving characteristics on unpaved roads.


When it comes to trucks in this class, it is important to be able to get in and out easily. Carefully placed door handles and conveniently illuminated steps contribute to this. Models with the PACCAR PX-7 or MX-11 engines have a practical low cabin floor of only 1.18 m, whilst models with the MX-13 engine have a floor height of 1.25 m. Two or three steps are therefore sufficient. These are made of aluminium and have a non-slip tread for extra safety.


Safety begins with good visibility. The CF cabin has the largest glass surface in its class. Its low position also offers a perfect overview, as do the carefully positioned mirrors. The driver can see between the mirrors and the A-pillar of the cabin – and even between the mirrors themselves. A camera can optionally be placed on the front or sides of the cabin to provide even better peripheral vision.


The CF has the same attractively styled headlights as the XF, with H7 halogen lamps as standard. LED technology for dipped headlights is available as an option – for the first time in the truck industry. This ensures the greatest light output, minimum power usage and maximum lifespan. Practical cornering lights in the bumper are also available. These shine in the direction of travel for even more comfort and safety and reduce the risk of damage. Rear LED lights are another new optional feature.

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