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Efficient power

The six-cylinder engines, PACCAR MX-11 and PACCAR MX-13 (10.8 and 12.9 litres respectively), are known for their high efficiency. They meet the strict Euro 6 emission requirements thanks to ultra-modern, rigorously tested technology, including common rail fuel injection, variable geometry turbo, exhaust gas recirculation and an ingenious exhaust gas after-treatment system. Thanks to a number of additional refinements, they are now even more efficient. And the result of this? Another 2% in fuel savings! Better both for the environment and for your returns.


The PACCAR MX-13 engine is available in three different versions, whilst the MX-11 is available in the most powerful rating, giving you plenty of choice in terms of rating and torque.* The maximum pulling power is available at low engine rpm and across a broad speed range. This means flexibility, less gear shifting, better fuel efficiency and pure driving pleasure.



Intelligent sensors and software ensure that the engine and exhaust gas after-treatment work perfectly together for low fuel consumption and therefore low operating costs per kilometre. The PACCAR MX-11 engine is a further 3% more economical than the already highly efficient MX-13. The 180 kilo weight reduction also allows for an increased payload. This is ideal when every kilo counts, which is the case for tankers and bulk transport.


The PACCAR MX engines are now even more efficient thanks to various technical refinements such as better multi-point fuel injection, an efficient two-stage water pump, optimised oil flow and enhanced software. In addition, internal friction losses have also been further reduced.

Eco Mode

Eco Mode is a standard feature which reduces engine torque by 10% in the first 11 gears. This is because most situations do not require full acceleration, though this option is still available at the touch of a button. In day-to-day use, Eco Mode offers additional fuel savings of 1%.

* PACCAR MX-13: 303 kW/412 hp – 2,000 Nm, 340 kW/462 hp – 2,300 Nm, 375 kW/510 hp – 2,500 Nm
PACCAR MX-11: 320 kW/435 hp – 2,100 Nm


To keep emission values as low as possible, the XF is equipped with an Exhaust After-Treatment System consisting of an active particle filter and an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalytic converter. The particle filter collects the remaining soot particles, which are then automatically regenerated (burnt up) using the heat of the exhaust gases. The SCR unit uses AdBlue to break down NOx (nitrogen oxides) in the exhaust gases. Thanks to this advanced, synergetic technology, the XF more than complies with the strict Euro 6 requirements – and does so as efficiently as possible.


Using high-quality materials such as compact graphite iron for the cylinder block and head provides increased reliability and lifespan. This is complemented by various integrated functions. Fuel pipes are included in the engine block and cylinder head; the oil filter, thermostat and radiator are combined in a single module; and the wiring is encapsulated in foam. The PACCAR MX-13 engine has been developed for a lifespan of no less than 1.6 million kilometres!


Since the DAF XF offers you lower operating costs, this also means lower service costs. Thanks in part to the increased capacity of the oil sump, the service interval for PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 is up to 150,000 kilometres. In practice, this means just one service visit a year. The fuel filter and moisture separator are combined in a single unit for ease of maintenance. Both engine types have a single multibelt.


The XF has a manual 12- or 16-speed gearbox. An automated AS Tronic gearbox is also available, with several innovative functions. Smart software and sensors ensure a smooth drive and manoeuvrability due to the gradual engaging of the clutch. Thanks to Eco Roll, the truck rolls downwards in a controlled manner on gentler descents with an idling engine and disengaged clutch. This saves fuel. Moreover the engine shuts down automatically after five minutes of idling, saving 1.5 litres of fuel per hour.


The brake performance of the MX Engine Brake has been further enhanced. The new MX Engine Brake delivers 20% more power (for example, 360kW at 2,000 rpm with the PACCAR MX-13 engine), which makes it an excellent alternative to a retarder for the majority of applications. The controls have been reworked so that the driver can operate the system from the driving column in three stages. This allows braking power to be optimally adapted to the driving conditions. This in turn allows for a more comfortable drive, whilst also reducing brake wear and fuel usage.


The SR1344 rear axle is light and exceptionally quiet, with a technical load capacity of 13 tonnes. This axle is delivered as standard for combination weights up to 44 tonnes and engines rated up to 340 kW/462 hp. The lower oil level reduces internal losses and saves more fuel. The SR1347 rear axle has been further improved for heavier applications.

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