XF is well thought out, into the smallest detail.

Design meets functionality

Attractive headlights and a prominent, stylish grille with aluminium inserts give the new XF its powerful and elegant appearance. The grille contributes greatly to the engine’s superb cooling system and helps keep fuel consumption as low as possible.

Well thought out

Deflectors and spoilers reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 10%. These have been carefully adapted to the new vehicle width of 2.55 metres. The same applies to the aerodynamically designed mudguards with distinct integrated markings, which are highly visible to cyclists and pedestrians for increased safety. The aerodynamic corner deflectors direct airflow in such a way as to keep the door handles clean. The XF has been thought out to the tiniest detail.




The galvanised steel bumper is impact resistant. Both the headlights and the fog lights are made from unbreakable Lexan. And not without reason: driving without damaging the vehicle means lower costs and maximum vehicle availability.


The optimum streamlined shape of the XF contributes to its lower fuel consumption. Whilst standing alongside the truck, the driver can easily adjust the Space Cab roof spoiler with the help of a winder. This ensures that there is always an optimal aerodynamic connection between the tractor unit and the trailer. A new roof spoiler, adjustable for trailers up to four metres long, is available for XF Super Space Cab Low Deck vehicles with a fifth wheel height of only 91 cm.



The door window is made from plain glass, allowing maximum side visibility. The driver can moreover see between the mirrors and the A-pillar of the cabin, as well as between the mirrors themselves. A camera can optionally be placed on the front or sides of the truck to provide even better peripheral vision. Safety begins with good visibility!


Beautifully integrated DAF Skylights offer extra lighting and look good. These are only available on the Super Space Cab. Since there is no need to mount extra lights on the roof, fuel can be saved as a result of the optimised aerodynamics.


The optional LED headlight technology is the first of its kind in the truck industry and has the greatest effect, longest operating time and lowest energy consumption. The daytime running lights ensure excellent visibility during the day. Optional cornering lights in the bumper shine in the direction of travel for extra safety and reduced risk of damage. Rear LED lights are another new optional feature.

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