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New website for bodybuilders


DAF Trucks have completely renewed their website for the bodybuilder industry ( The website is now available in no less than 13 languages ​​and makes it even easier for bodybuilders to access advice and guidance for assembly during construction of DAF chassis.

When a truck leaves the factory in Eindhoven, it often goes straight to the bodybuilder. To help the bodybuilder carry out its work as efficiently as possible, DAF’s new bodybuilder website includes even more detailed chassis drawings, specification sheets and CAD drawings of components.

In addition to a completely new look and feel, a lot of attention has been given to optimising user-friendliness. For instance, the site clearly differentiates information about the Euro 3/5 and Euro 6 vehicles. Users can quickly localise specification sheets and download multiple sheets at a time. The optimised search function makes it quicker and easier to find the correct chassis drawing.

The new site will offer better support for the bodybuilder industry, enabling it to develop the best solutions in the most efficient way. This is why users can also download CAD files from the site, which can then be used to develop construction projects. 3D files are also available, making it possible for the customer to see exactly how the finished truck will look on the road.

At bodybuilders can also request access to DAF Bodybuilder Information Plus, which contains guidelines for Euro 6 vehicles, even more detailed product information, interesting news articles and information about EU directives and the whole-vehicle type approval.

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