Curt Wiklund

Owner, Wiklunds Åkeri AB

DAF LF series is ideal in cities

The DAF LF series offers excellent handling, an easily accessible cab and low curb weights for class-leading load capacity, making the DAF LF series ideal in cities with narrow streets and heavy traffic. The LF series is also comfortable to drive, with the best turning circle and fuel consumption in the market.

DAF’s versatile CF series has a great reputation among drivers and passengers alike. They’ve praised the stylish yet robust exterior, the spacious and comfortable cab that is easy to climb into, the class-leading driving and operating comfort and the proven reliability and durability.

Wiklunds Åkeri has invested in 33 DAF trucks. Wiklunds Åkeri has invested in a total of 31 DAF trucks since 2011 on the basis of DAF’s good quality and overall cost of ownership.

About Wiklunds Åkeri AB

Curt Wiklund, owner of Wiklunds Åkeri AB, took over the company from his father in the early 1960s when the company had just two trucks. Today the haulier’s fleet consists of around 140 trucks, most with various types of trailers, as well as equipment in the form of vehicle-mounted cranes of varying capacities, containers and various types and sizes of loading platforms.

The company’s operations consist of transport and waste management mainly for construction and industrial companies in the Stockholm and Uppsala area, as well as BOD and machinery transport locally and nationwide.

Wiklunds works to meet all its customers’ transport needs, whatever these are. In addition the company has solid and broad expertise in three specialist areas:

Crane trucks
Waste and recycling
Long goods and warehousing

The haulier’s headquarters are located at Gullivervägen 3 in Järfälla. Much of the company’s administration is centred here, as well as transport management.