An attractive exterior, and a comfortable interior.

Your driver deserves the best

The CF is available in three cabin types: a practical Day Cab, a roomy Sleeper Cab and an extra spacious Space Cab. An attractive exterior, and a comfortable interior. Design and functionality go hand in hand.


The cabin of the CF exudes pure quality. Its durable materials and high-quality finish ensure that the interior will remain neat and presentable despite years of intensive use. This also helps maintain its sell-on value. In addition, the interior is extremely practical. All cabins are fitted with a number of practical compartments offering plenty of room for storage. The central console has a generous storage compartment with two practical bottle or mug holders, whilst the rear wall has a reading light with a control panel for the internal lighting and optional extra heater.


The interior of the CF offers the maximum living and working space. That applies particularly to the Day Cab, Sleeper Cab and extra spacious Space Cab, which has an interior space of no less than 11 m3. The standing height of 2.23 m is unrivalled in its class, as is the total storage capacity of around 900 litres. This includes three large storage compartments above the windscreen with space for a microwave oven. With 660 litres of storage space beneath the bunk, an optional 30-litre refrigerator can also be accommodated.


The dashboard has been designed with the driver in mind. All the controls and instruments are exactly where you would expect them to be. The buttons are conveniently grouped according to their function. The three DIN connections provide space for the optional camera monitor or Truck Navigation Radio with radio/CD player, truck navigation system and USB connection. A fully integrated DAF Truck Phone is available as an option, allowing two mobile phones to be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. Both can be operated from the steering wheel, and phone numbers and names are displayed on the instrument panel.


The CF has the same dashboard as the XF, including the modern colour display. DAF’s Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) helps you drive as economically as possible and provides information about fuel consumption, braking behaviour and tyre pressure. Information from the tachograph is now presented centrally on the information display, giving the driver a clearer overview of travel time and speed. The screen also displays when the truck’s next service inspection is due, ensuring timely maintenance and maximum vehicle efficiency.


Driver safety is of the utmost importance. The reinforced cabin structure with preprogrammed front and rear crumple zones plays an important part in this, along with the unique energy-absorbent cabin suspension. In the event of a rear-end collision, the cabin moves backwards in a controlled manner. The dashboard is equipped with shock-absorbent zones which limit or prevent knee injuries in the event of a collision. An airbag in the steering wheel is available as an option, as are safety belt tensioners on both seats.

Utmärkt sittkomfort med helt justerbara säten

Alla förare – oavsett om de är långa eller korta – kommer att hitta en perfekt sittposition i CF. Den senaste generationen av säten ger utmärkt sittkomfort och är helt justerbara. Sätesuppvärmning och ventilation finns tillgängliga som tillval, precis som den stilfulla läderinredningen med säten och ratt klädda i en snygg kopparfärg. Det ger inredningen en extra lyxig känsla. Bädden (med en madrass som är 202 cm lång och 12 cm tjock) ger utmärkt sovkomfort – särskilt om man väljer Xtra comfort-madrassen med pocketresår. Optimalt luft- och ventilations flöde ger en sista touch till hyttens komfort.



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