Driving characteristics which set the standard for its class.

Strong but lightweight

A low kerb weight and high payload place the LF among the best in its class, making it an obvious asset to your company. With its strong but lightweight modern chassis, there is no compromise on robustness. And as if that wasn’t enough, the LF also has driving characteristics which set the standard for its class.


The LF offers an extremely comfortable driving experience. The front wheel suspension is fully optimised for the perfect balance between damping, lateral stability and rigidity. The front axles (from 3.6 to 7.5 tonnes) are highly tolerant, which helps to prevent overloading caused by the transport of partial loads. The LF’s unrivalled manoeuvrability comes from it having the tightest turning circle in its class.


The LF is known for its low kerb weight and for having the largest payload in its class. It is moreover offered in a wide range of chassis lengths and wheelbases. Even greater load volumes are possible as a result of the seven new wheelbases, which are up to 6.90 metres in length. That means a load length of over nine metres! Longer wheelbases also make it possible for the vehicle to carry an even greater fuel volume of up to 1,240 litres. The vehicle is unique in its class and can operate within a much larger range, which allows the driver to refuel where diesel prices are lowest.


The practical placement of as many components as possible on the inside of the chassis means that the truck is completely flat, making it the perfect base for body installation. Moreover, the electrical installations are better prepared than ever for an easy connection of the superstructure on account of technology such as the CAN bus system. This provides even more options for communication between the chassis and superstructure. Finally, the LF provides many PTO options for powering refrigerated transport, a tipper or a crane, for example.


The special ‘Silent’ version opens up new transport possibilities in urban environments. By implementing a range of smart technologies, including special engine software, the noise in Silent Mode is limited to no more than 72 dB (A). This makes the vehicle ideal for loading or unloading in areas where sound restrictions are in place during the evening, night or early hours of the morning. The LF Silent is available as a 7.5-tonne rigid unit with a 4.5-litre PACCAR PX-5 Euro 6 engine providing 112 kW/152 hp.


Especially for temperature-controlled transport, the PACCAR PX-5 engine is – like the PX-7 – now also available with an optional generator mounted directly onto the engine. The fixed mounting ensures reliable operation of a water- or air-cooled ‘Frigoblock’ generator. This design considerably extends the V-belt lifespan, which means maximum reliability and savings on costs and maintenance. In addition, the generator for the drive of the refrigeration unit is easy to mount for maximum efficiency.


Whether you need a side opening, flat bed, tipper or specially customised body (for transporting a lightweight crane, for example), the LF is outstandingly well suited to all of these applications. The 19-tonne LF is specially designed for applications requiring regular off-road driving. It is instantly recognisable by its matte black grille, high bumper and sturdy radiator shield. The high front bumper creates a wide approach angle of almost 25° and a ground clearance of 32 cm. Robust, powerful and versatile.

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