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Powerful performance and outstanding flexibility.

Minimal fuel consumption and low emissions

Distribution transport is to a large degree about customisation; the same applies to the engines and transmissions in the LF. Together they deliver powerful performance and outstanding flexibility, which is crucial where a lot of starting and stopping is required. The reliable PACCAR PX engines are also optimised to provide powerful performance with minimal fuel consumption and low emissions.


The LF offers a wide range of engine choice.* Thanks to further refinements in heat and air management and to optimised software, the torque of the four-cylinder, 4.5-litre PACCAR PX-5 engine has increased by as much as 12% without any change in power. The six-cylinder, 6.7-litre PACCAR PX-7 engine has realised an increase of between 3% and 9% in both power and torque. The increased torque starts at low speeds for both engines. This means excellent performance, low fuel consumption and maximum driver comfort.

* PACCAR PX-5: 112 kW/152 hp – 650 Nm, 135 kW/184 hp – 750 Nm, 157 kW/213 hp – 850 Nm.
* PACCAR PX-5: 172 kW/234 hp – 900 Nm, 194 kW/264 hp – 1,000 Nm, 217 kW/295 hp – 1,100 Nm, 239 kW/325 hp – 1,200 Nm.


It goes without saying that PACCAR PX engines meet the stringent Euro 6 emission requirements. This is achieved thanks to innovations such as common rail fuel injection and variable geometry turbo. PX engine emissions are now at their lowest ever levels due to the implementation of a cooled EGR system and the use of SCR technology with an active particle filter. This has reduced AdBlue use by up to 50%. The compact design, with various components integrated into the cylinder block and head, makes the engine remarkably quiet, which benefits both the driver and the environment.


The robust engine blocks and cylinder heads are extremely strong and compact. They are built for long life, maximum reliability and low weight. Depending on the application, service intervals of up to 60,000 kilometres are possible. The particle filter only needs to be cleaned after 320,000 kilometres, allowing maximum vehicle availability. The PACCAR PX engines have a single multibelt, and various functions and parts are integrated in one module. This makes maintenance easier and contributes to maximum reliability and low operating costs.

Perfect match

For optimum efficiency, PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines are equipped with a manual five- or six-speed gearbox as standard. A manual nine-speed gearbox is also available for the most powerful engines. The cable control ensures even shifting with short gearshift movements. It is maintenance-free and moreover contributes to the low noise level in the cabin. The various engine types can also be combined with an automated six-speed AS Tronic gearbox. A fully automatic gearbox is available for special applications. A 12-speed AS Tronic gearbox has been implemented for use with the PACCAR PX-7 engine, which allows for the transport of combination weights up to 32 tonnes without automatic transmission.

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