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Robust but nevertheless appealing: a stylish distribution truck with the same appearance as the XF and CF. The striking grille and attractive chrome panel with its DAF logo really catch the eye, while leaving plenty of space above for your company name. The LF’s aerodynamic deflectors direct airflow in such a way as to keep the door handles clean, proving that an attractive design need not involve a compromise on practicality.


The LF is at its best in heavy traffic and can fortunately take a knock or two. The galvanised steel bumper makes it less prone to damage. The covers of the new headlights – with optional daytime running lights – are made of unbreakable Lexan. This means lower operating costs and maximum vehicle availability.


What is beautiful should remain beautiful. The LF has been designed for the most demanding distribution work. It has been built with the finest materials and has a high-quality finish. That is why it will still be in perfect condition after many years of intensive use, which is great both for the driver and its sell-on value.

Easily manoeuvrable

The LF is available in three cabin types: Day Cab, extra roomy Extended Day Cab and Sleeper Cab. All of these are spacious on the inside and compact on the outside. With its large wheel angles of no less than 53 degrees, the LF has the tightest turning circle in its class. This provides optimum manoeuvrability, which is the difference between a good and the best distribution truck.


Intensive distribution transport means plenty of climbing in or out of the cabin. That is why the LF offers maximum accessibility. Whilst its doors can be opened 90 degrees, its floor height is as low as 89, 98 or 111 cm, depending on the model. Wide steps, carefully positioned door handles and smart illumination provide comfort for drivers and passengers alike.


Good visibility is important for drivers, particularly in a city environment. The LF offers outstanding visibility, both forwards and sideways. In combination with the optimally placed mirrors, this provides extra safety and reduces the risk of damage. Of course, lighting also contributes to safety. The optional LED daytime running lights ensure excellent visibility during the day. Fog lights and cornering lights can be integrated into the bumper. These shine in the direction of travel, which makes turning and manoeuvring both easier and safer. Another new feature is the optional rear LED lights with an extremely long lifespan for maximum vehicle availability.


A completely new aerodynamic package has been developed for the LF. This design features spoilers and a roof deflector which connect together perfectly and provide up to 4% lower fuel consumption, depending on truck usage. The LF Aero body for distribution transport is delivered with ex-works and an aerodynamic PACCAR body. In combination with a special diffuser and cabin-mounted air deflectors, you could save up to 8% on fuel. Optimal aerodynamics for the least possible fuel consumption.

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