A high-rigidity chassis that delivers excellent driving skills.

Strong yet flexible

With its low unladen weight, the carefully engineered chassis offers high payloads. Its high rigidity provides excellent driving characteristics. Components such as fuel tanks, batteries, EAS units, AdBlue tanks and spare tyres can be positioned in different places on the chassis. This is all with a view to providing the most efficient solution possible.


In developing the chassis of the XF, our aim was to create as much space as possible. For maximum flexibility in terms of chassis layout, the SCR catalytic converter and particle filter can be positioned separately. The AdBlue tank on the tractor unit is now conveniently located under the cabin. This allows plenty of space for pump units, hydraulic tanks or fuel tanks with a total volume of no less than 1,500 litres.


Thanks to the innovative axle, axle suspension and steering design, the XF has excellent driving characteristics. The XF is a joy to drive. An eight-tonne front axle with leaf spring suspension is delivered as standard. For increased comfort, air suspension is available as an option. With its combination of two torque rods and an anti-roll bar, Stabilink suspension ensures optimum stability and reduced weight. For more heavy-duty use, a nine-tonne front axle is available.


The chassis is made from strong but lightweight high-quality steel. On tractors and even some rigid versions, the light but powerful rear axle is mounted with a Stabilink design for optimal roll stability and reduced weight. And when every kilo counts, there is also a 7.5-tonne front axle with single-leaf suspension. This is ideal for tankers and bulk transport, particularly in combination with the PACCAR MX-11 motor.

Thinking ahead

Featuring innovative technology such as Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting (optional). Advanced GPS technology is used to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle and to determine the expected driving conditions over the coming one to two kilometres. The system ‘thinks ahead’, taking into account inclines and descents. Within the specified range, Predictive Cruise Control determines the ideal speed, whilst Predictive Shifting selects the ideal gear. Thanks to these systems, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by 3%, especially on hilly stretches.


Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), which prevents jackknifing or overturning, is available as standard, along with an advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) which comes into effect in emergency situations where the driver fails to act. For maximum safety, and also as standard, the XF is moreover equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW). These features take some of the pressure off the driver, whilst making conditions safer for other road users.


The special ‘Silent’ version opens up new transport possibilities in urban environments. By implementing a range of smart technologies, including special engine software and an encapsulated gearbox, the noise in Silent Mode is limited to no more than 72 dB (A). This makes the vehicle ideal for loading or unloading in areas where sound restrictions are in place during the evening, night or early hours of the morning. The XF Silent is available either as a tractor unit or a chassis cab and comes complete with a PACCAR MX-11 engine.

Bodybuilder- friendly

The New XF offers an extensive Body Attachment Module (BAM) programme that offers excellent bodybuilderfriendliness. Specific modules are available for boxed bodies and the installation of cranes. Rigid configurations of The New XF have a standard hole pattern at the rear end for easy fitting of cross members and tail lifts.
• The extended Body Attachment Module programme shortens build-up time.
• A completely flat chassis and components installed on the inside add to great bodybuilder-friendliness.


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