Customer testimonials

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Owe Lannebjer

CEO, Olab AB

Compared with the brand I drove before, DAF have much better seats. I have a much more ergonomic position in this truck.

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Lars Talback


The cabs are really comfortable and the trucks handle well and have good fuel efficiency.

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Curt Wiklund

Owner, Wiklunds Åkeri AB

The DAF LF series is ideal in cities with narrow streets and heavy traffic.

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Leif Erlandsson

Vehicle Manager, Jale AB

The company started driving DAFs in the mid-80s and has been loyal to the brand ever since.

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Håkan Molin

Owner, Molin's Entreprenader

I like the comfort when driving and sleeping. I live in the truck during the week and my working days can be really long, so I want a truck that I like being in.

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Jan-Olof Ullman

CEO, Grund & Markplanering i Södertälje AB

DAF are ideal for our contracting activities and the demands of our customers with regard to the environment.

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Johan Gunnarsson

Partner, Nybro Transport AB

For me, as an owner, I’m also pleased with the bigger picture in terms of price – purchase, servicing and fuel consumption. In this regard the trucks are very competitive.

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